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Asset Tracking
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Commercial Debt Recovery

Commercial Debt Collection represents different challenges for Creditors.

Many individuals choose to hide behind the shield afforded to them through complex trusts and companies. Our legal team are positioned to unravel the corporate web to deliver results. 

Debt Collection Solutions

WIldfell Consulting approach to debt collection is results driven.


This can only be achieved through consultation with our clients to garner an understanding of the reasons for the debt and then develop a strategy based around this. 

Asset Recovery

We specialize in field calls and the repossession of securities. 

With field officers based nationally and an in house legal team to prepare documents, there is no company better positioned to assist you than Wildfell 

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is performed in stages by one of our trained professionals.


The first step is to verify the information provided by the client to understand who the subject is and his  or her potential location. 

The more data we have on a debtor the greater level of success we enjoy. 

Minimal Office
Arbitration & Mediation

In many instances the use of field visits or industrial arbitration is an effective means of debt collection.

A recalcitrant debtor hiding behind caller number display or a keyboard is more likely to co-operate when the matter is discussed one-on-one.

Credit Reporting

The use of credit reporting can be a very effective means of forcing the hand of a debtor to settle their account. 

However, there is due process that must be followed to ensure that any reporting made is legal and binding.